Beagles from the laboratory see the sun for the first time

Rescue in need: The nine beagles in this video were born in the laboratory and had to spend their entire lives on animal experiments - but on May 6 this year, everything should change for them. Brave animal rights activists freed them from their cages to give them what every dog ​​should have: a beautiful, loving home.

They have never seen the sun and have never frolicked across a meadow: one does not want to imagine what the poor dogs, who have lived all their lives in the cages of an American animal laboratory, must have experienced. Instead of a name, they only had a number - but that should change quickly thanks to the animal welfare organization "Beagle Freedom Project".

The first meadow, the first rays of sun

Without knowing how the animals would react to it, their rescuers lovingly carried them outdoors and into the sunlight after the trip. You could see the four-legged friends the hardships of their sad dog life. They entered the meadow very carefully and didn't seem to know what was happening to them. It was all the more beautiful to see how they suddenly thawed, began to play, explore the area, greet the other dogs and even wag their tails.

They even let themselves be fed carefully and, despite everything, did not seem to have lost their trust in people. Each of these dogs should now learn in their adoptive family what a happy dog's life is and should never be treated badly again.

Guardian angel for laboratory beagle

According to the organization "Beagle Freedom Project", it is unfortunately the friendly, frugal character and the adaptability of the beagle that make the dogs often used as laboratory dogs for animal experiments. They would easily get used to keeping the cages and feeding them would not be expensive, the operators of various animal testing laboratories would find. In order to save as many beagles as possible from this terrible fate, the Beagle animal welfare organization has set itself the task of playing the guardian angel for the four-legged friends, freeing them and looking for a nice new home for them.

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