Mercury orphan kitten: happy with two legs

This is Mercury, a small, brave orphan cat who lives on only two legs. He was only a few days old when he was found and his eyes were still closed. Although he lacks the front legs, he developed splendidly in his foster family - here is his story. Orphan kitten Mercury: happy with two legs - Image: Myvideo / zoomin

His loving owners don't know exactly what happened to Mercury. Since the brave little man was found in a meadow that was mowed shortly before, it is believed that he was injured by a combine harvester shortly after his birth. His family wrote on the Facebook page Raising Mercury. After he was found, a veterinarian took care of the helpless kitten and then looked after a foster family for the little one, who raised it with the bottle.

They looked after Mercury around the clock and with love and were soon amazed at how cleverly Mercury can move on two legs. Playing, romping, cuddling, playing with other cats and dogs, jumping on his bed, using the litter box and enjoying life: He now leads a normal life, like other cats. The best thing about it is that his foster family loved him so much that they decided to keep the little treasure forever and take good care of him. We wish him all the best!