Havanese: nature and character of dogs

The Havanese is a cute little dog with a friendly, exuberant character. He always seems to be in a good mood, loves romping around and playing, and loves to be with his people. The Havanese is a real sunshine and you can see that too! - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

No wonder that the Havanese is such a popular family dog: he impresses with his bright nature and a lot of cheerfulness and has a nice, never boring character. He also brings a huge portion of love and friendliness, which makes living with him a pleasure.

Havanese: Small dog, fine character

The Havanese is in good hands with a family. He is affectionate, loves to be as close as possible to his owners and to get a lot of attention from them. He is also a real family animal, but it can also be taken seriously. Treat him well, but without pampering him.

The little four-legged friend has a very child-friendly nature and is a great partner for them with his zest for life - of course you shouldn't treat him roughly, so you should be big and sensitive enough to treat the dog gently.

Buying Havanese puppies: you have to consider that

If you are thinking about buying a dog and buying a Havanese puppy, you should ...

Boredom? Not with the Havanese

Romping, playing and cuddling is by far not everything that the lovely, fluffy Havanese enjoys. He is also extremely learnable and can even learn tricks. His curiosity also predestined him for it. Because the playful dog likes to learn and has neither a dominant nor a temperamental character, it is of course easy to train - the prerequisite for this is its species-appropriate attitude and that it is treated just as lovingly as it is.

Does the Havanese suit me?

Thanks to its many positive properties, the Havanese fits perfectly to a wide variety of holders. Because he is so adaptable, he feels comfortable with appropriate care and keeping both in families, as well as in the elderly or in single households. It is important that you ensure the mental workload that the clever guy needs. Since it takes up little space in comparison to other dog breeds, it can also be kept in small apartments, which also predestines it as a city dog.

In addition, he rarely barks and is usually not perceived as a nuisance by neighbors. If you buy a Havanese, however, you should have enough time for the lovable and uncomplicated partner so that he does not get lonely. The best thing is of course a companion in the household. Find out about the care requirements before buying - it is best to brush the dog's fur twice a week and to clean the eyes more often.