Bichon Frisé - so give him a nice home

The attitude of a Bichon Frisé is not complicated. The small, child-loving dog feels at home with families and individuals and is a friendly and fun companion dog with loving care. Bichon Frisé: His posture is straightforward - Image: Shutterstock / pixshots

The small, moderately active Bichon Frisé can be kept very well in the apartment and is also suitable as a city dog. In any case, he should get enough exercise every day, let off steam while running and playing, and be able to maintain his social contacts.

Attitude with a lot of family connections

Inside you will experience the sweet guy calmly and very cuddly. If you are looking for a cute, lively dog ​​that is always by your side and insists on cuddling, the little gold treasure is probably the one for you. Before making a purchase, think carefully about whether you really have enough time for your loyal friend, because he is one of the four-legged friends who attach the greatest importance to spending time with their people.

The Bichon Frisé on a walk

As calm as he is inside, the blissful Bichon can do his best outside. He is sweet and controllable, but a stormy, high-spirited little whirlwind who just enjoys playing and romping around a lot. If you have to brake your woolly boyfriend a little now and then, do so by gently bringing calmness in - the sensitive little guy is hard to handle.

Nutrition and care

With this delicate guy, pay particular attention to a balanced, regular diet and do not let him overpower you to give him something in between.

Super sweet and top hairdo: the Bichon Frisé

He tends to be overweight, which is very unhealthy for his delicate bone structure. So always keep an eye on his weight and make sure that he moves enough. In addition, you should make sure that its woolly fur remains nice and well-groomed - it should be brushed thoroughly once a day, which is usually very convenient for the cuddly guy.