DogTV: A TV channel for dogs only

Against boredom, stress and fears: The new DogTV television station shows a program that was only developed for dogs. With his help, four-legged friends should above all be made more comfortable. Dog-TV: A television station for dogs only - Image: Shutterstock / Javier Brosch

Staying alone for a few hours is usually not a problem for a trained adult dog. It is particularly easy for him if his owners make the waiting time as nice as possible. It is important that the four-legged friend has been walked extensively beforehand, has water and food available and is not bored. A special television program developed by DogTV is intended to support the last point.

Programs are geared towards the senses and needs of dogs

The various television programs on DogTV are designed to relax, occupy, or get used to certain everyday situations. The television pictures were specially developed for dog eyes: For example, the red-green weakness of the four-legged friends was taken into account and the pictures were processed accordingly. The sensitive dog's ears were thought of with special tones that were pleasant for dogs. And so that it is particularly exciting, the main actors in the animal television program are of course dogs.

TV station was developed with scientists

The dog-friendly television program was developed with a team of scientists, reports the Internet portal DogTV has enjoyed over a million viewers on American television in recent years, but it was about two months ago that it was just getting started. The station can be received via “Entertain”, Deutsche Telekom's TV service on slot 64.

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