Wusel wusel! Labrador puppies jostle at the milk bar

"Let me through! I want to," the little Labrador puppies in the video seem to want to say. After all, the tiny chocolate-brown and black dogs are just a week old and still have to fortify themselves at mom's milk bar. Luckily, Mama Labrador is patient and lets each of her cute, fluffy patties get her portion of milk. Easy to hug!

Are there eight, ten or even twelve Labrador puppies? Difficult to say, because there is a shambles at Mamas Milchbar. After all, each of the hungry little mouths wants to be stuffed. But Mama Hund has enough for everyone and lets each of her snuffy babies take their turn. After this delicious meal, one of the Labrador puppies is sooo tired. How nice that the carpet is so soft and cozy. It's a great place to take a nap.

Labrador Retriever: A great family dog