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How to put a paw bandage on your dog

Whether after an injury from broken glass or road salt - almost every dog ​​owner comes into the situation of having to put on a paw bandage. Find out here how to properly treat your dog. With the right equipment, a paw bandage is quickly put on - Image: Shutterstock / Robert Kneschke

Basically: Even if you can of course put on a provisional paw bandage in an emergency, you should normally always consult your veterinarian first. In a quiet moment, he may even show you how to connect your dog professionally.

The necessary equipment for the paw bandage

What you need for the association:

● sterile wound dressing
● cotton wool
● Dressing material
● medical adhesive tape or adhesive plaster
● Paw shoe, sock or plastic bag if necessary

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Let us help you

Before you start with the paw bandage, the best thing to do is to get active help that calms and gently holds your dog while you treat its injury.

Secure yourself and your helper

If your dog is fundamentally sensitive when approaching an injury to the paw or other parts of the body, you should first secure the mouth of your four-legged friend. Whether it is a snare, cloth or other: look for a suitable utensil near you.

Important: pad your toes

Place the sterile wound dressing on the wound and then pad the space between all toes with cotton, including the thumb claw. This step is very important so that the blood flow to the toes of your dog is still guaranteed and no pressure points can arise from the neighboring toes.

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Protect the dog paw properly

Then wrap the entire paw with cotton wool, which should never come into contact with the wound. Therefore, make sure that the wound dressing fits well and does not slip. Now fix the cotton with the actual bandage, which should definitely go beyond the joint. This way, it lasts longer and does not pinch blood vessels.

Secure the paw bandage

Fasten the paw bandage with adhesive plaster or adhesive tape and it is best to put a paw shoe or a sock over it - alternatively a plastic bag can also be used to prevent the bandage from getting wet.

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