Cheeky bulldog puppy Elvis is in a mood to protest

The little English bulldog puppy in the video is called Elvis and is fist-thick behind the floppy ears. The baby dog ​​is an only child and has no siblings to play with. But luckily, he has a caring and playful mom called Patches, who rages with the little one. Frechschnute Elvis doesn’t seem to agree with Mom’s suggestions. He tries to protest loudly, but sounds incredibly cute.

"Oh mom, not like that! Don't do that! It's embarrassing!", Bulldog puppy Elvis seems to want to tell his mother. The only thing that comes out is a heartbreakingly cute coo and squeak, which allows patches to bounce off with stoic composure. Nevertheless, the love between mother and son can be clearly felt, for example when the self-confident little boy hugs between mama's front paws to cuddle. Or when patches devotedly lick the tummy of their cheeky racer cleanly. A great team, these two dogs!

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