Animal valentine gifts for cats

February 14th is Valentine's Day! For everyone who wants to make their beloved little tiger a little joy on the "Day of Love", we have collected a few sweet ideas that will make cats' hearts beat faster. Animal valentine gifts for cats - Image: Shutterstock / NicO_l

1. The favorite menu for Valentine's Day

Sleep, play, cuddle, feed: cats don't need much to be happy. Of course, they don't say no to a Valentine's Treasure menu out of line. Whether chicken, tuna or turkey - on a special day, of course, only what your cat likes most comes into the bowl!

2. Fun and games with heart

A toy that you can neatly claw at is one of the most popular employment opportunities for young and old cats. This not only offers a scratching opportunity, but also space to hide and sleep. The beautiful Valentine's Day look is almost irrelevant, but still cute!

3. Favorite snacks for your favorite cat

You have certainly found out which snack your cat likes best in the past few years. Completely new varieties create a surprise effect: treats with cheese or liver sausage taste, for example, are well received by almost all house lions and are just the thing for a special day.

4. Royal cuddle pleasure

If you are looking for a slightly larger and extraordinarily cozy attention for your velvet paw, you can present it with a cozy bed a new favorite place made to measure. For example, this crown-shaped basket is very soft, has a removable cushion and is perfect for little princes and princesses.

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